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Friday, May 11, 2012

yard work, not mini! (letting you know I am here still LOL)

Since coming home from Chicago I have been doing a lot of yard work here up in the mountains! Being about 8000 ft elevation there is very little time to grow things compared to other places. Just hope we dont get snow again before summer! Our main goal to begin with was to put up a fence that is tall enough to keep our hound dog in the yard as he is tall and can jump. We used free wood pallets to take our fence up higher and I fixed our gates and made them taller. Sharing some before pics here and hopefully get some progress pics today. I built a pond (a previous very large pond was kind of destroyed by our dogs! mainly Peter who loved to walk in there and eventually pulled out the whole pump system and destroyed it!) have laid a little concrete and planted some things :o)

this is the front of the yard with only one pallet high of fence, as it has been for years. I gathered rocks and built up the bed to plant things and put fun yard art I have had hanging around in. Most of the dirt in there is from our horses, dried manure :o)

half of the old pond that is now completely dismantled. That tree, I call her Grandmother, is the oldest Pinion tree on our property. We are hoping this year is a pinion year as that means yummy pinion nuts! each tree produces nuts about once every 7 years. We can also make money collecting the nuts and selling them too!

old pond in that dark spot on the left

the view from our porch, front door. there is a pool on the left that we need to contain with pallets and wood etc, Dave is putting up a planter box there to keep dogs from going under porch. and far in the distance is a wonderful mountain range. Yesterday I sat out on the porch with coffee enjoying it and watching ravens fly around our property and through the area...they sound so cool!

planter box built....mostly rocks in the bottom to fill it up.

and flowers in the box now! or course some have died, cats walk on them as does the puppy...had to put up a fence around it LOL


  1. Good grief, 8000 ft! For a low lands country girl that is mind boggeling...
    Those pinion nuts sound good, are they the same pine kernels you put on the pasta and salads?

  2. LOL...I grew up (and spent most of my life)on the coast of California so yeah it is very different!! And yes they are! and for pesto too! I have done the time consuming task of cracking enough roasted ones to make a tablespoon of pinion butter, like peanut butter, and it is so good! They are hard to crack! I often dream of having a machine to crack them, but they are expensive LOL

  3. Oh Julie you ar getting so much done! It was snowing here this am :( I love pine nuts, would love to have a pinion tree. Your flowers look so pretty, mine are just sprouts in the green house.


  4. there is so much I have done, and dave. though so much to do. the ultimate plan (over time) is to concrete the entire front yard except a far section for the dogs. will cut down on dust and pine needles and mud etc, or that is the plan! Hey if we get them before denver, the pine nuts, i will bring some for you. those flowers were for instant gratification. planted a bunch of seeds too. each kid has a planting bed, that one shown is Hannah's :o) hugsssss