This is where I will show new ideas and pieces I am working on, and also where I will share awesome pieces I find along the way!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

some items and a second cat

Here is a pic of some new things. I had a little kit for books, not thrilled with papers they gave me to use. Also a dollhouse on  legs. It was a kit with a block of wood and then photos of the dollhouse that you cut out and glue on, kind of cool I think.....remember all halfscale so rather small. Also my huge teddy bear I needlefelted, my first flocked cat that looks like a boston terrier from most angles LOL, and 2 topiary things I got at the dollar store I got for a dollar (for 2). I thought they would look great on one of the porches/balconies in the advent calendar though I may repaint them. 

Then I made another cat, this one even smaller!

And, then moved on to the logistics of how to make a tiny jumping jack paper toy, here is a picture that shows what they are. I have a really cool oneofa santa like polar bear on my Christmas tree and have always loved the idea!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

half scale couch and new ideas

I have decided to do some things for the advent calendar, things I want and cant buy, and see if something pops out that I love doing! I started with a half scale couch, though a big one! I also finally did a couple little kits I had. I tried my hand at needlefelting a teddy bear and made a little cat (looks a bit like boston terrier though LOL). I will get pics of things, but first off here is the couch, and how it looks in one of the advent rooms.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

snow! presents and a goat!

So here is a piece of my life here! We have had a relatively calm winter, and actually rather warm!!! Sure hope we don't have the negative 30s (F not C) this year...this is our second snowfall this year. We never get super heavy falls, like not even a foot at a time, which is nice! The goats are wandering the property today, this is Lady, my eldest goat, looking in the window at me! LOL

And a couple mini presents I put ribbon on. I cut regular ribbon super skinny for this. Now to figure out bows that wont frustrate my thumbs!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014


I cut pieces of wood and then used them as the "present" that I wrapped with sticker paper! Made wrapping really easy and not so messy! I did have to put glue on final corner fold overs though. I put some of the smallest presents aside for my advent calendar. Here they are, along with some printed out bags, in the loft area

Half of the wrapping was my design, and then I got more prints and the bag printies from http://www.printmini.com/index.html

Oh and I decided to just do the outside in a whimsical, non scale, manner when I saw last years tags that were a perfect color match to the house! I put them on all the outside walls. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

my little Christmas house

I started this house a few years ago and it got worse for not having not much wear! LOL Never truly finished it and what I did do ended up not standing the test of time on the outside. I will play with this today a bit. I thought my global map wallpaper would be a fun addition upstairs. And think I will put lots of presents upstairs as it is one of those small loft areas and not much of a room for a bed or anything. Besides presents would be easier! LOL

It is a Greenleaf kit though I have no idea the name of it....I want to say Buttercup? If you know, please share! LOL
We went into the forest and got a tree yesterday (we pay $10 for a tree permit from the forest service) and then I decorated as much as I could, with my tiny home! So figurd it is Sunday, and it snowed last night so it is a good day to just play with kids, if they want to help (which may not be the case LOL).

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Musings and got a small job!

I am sooo anxious to just spend days on the advent calendar, but yesterday required major living room overhaul (umm cleaning) to prepare for tree. Where I live I can go to the forest service and buy a permit for only $10 and then go into the forest (all around me really, half a mile away is nearest entrance) and cut down a tree. They are generally pinon trees and certainly are not perfect trees but hey who can beat $10! and the fun excursion for kids.

So living room is ready (hope the dogs are!) but first I have a plumbing job to do for someone today before tree hunting (and hopefully tree is found before predicted snow hits today!) Installing a toilet for a friend's neighbor. Yay a bit of money! Hubby is away in Taos with mom and brother so maybe he does well too! Or else the kids are really knowing the beauty of a simple homemade Christmas, which I think is likely a very important lesson anyway! :o)

On another note, I have always, well always being subjective, thought this advent idea would be great to make and sell. Of course the buyer would have to decorate themselves! LOL Then I thought, what about a much smaller and less deep one with just doors, no balconies etc, that open. I have always loved those 3D pictures people do (I have done a couple) with christmas cards. Those would make fun scenes to open up to!!! Here is a picture of one I found online. I think this would fun and while time consuming, not as much as the actual rooms? LOL

Friday, December 12, 2014

making doors!

I decided to start a run of doors, 8 half scale and 2 inch scale ones. I gathered some of my bits from past work, wood pieces etc that may work! I will keep 4 of them for sure, for my advent calendar and then offer the others for sale.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My advent calendar

I have an advent calendar I imagined and began a couple years ago or more? I think it is wonderful and imagine it will be so awesome when finished! It will hang on the wall and is half inch scale (so it will fit on the wall LOL). It will be hinged on the front (with a clasp to keep closed) so that I can get in and fix things, or the recipient can do so (think it may go to first of my  kids to have grandkids after I enjoy for a while maybe).
Each room will be lit up inside (have never done wiring and it is costly so considering how to use little led light strings). I envisioned, in my perfect imagination, lanterns outside that would be porch lights? hmmmm
So each "day" will have a door that opens out. There will be porch railing too.
So yesterday I finally did a door! I love it!!!! I will attack with a fabric hinge. I also laid down a rough floor, envisioning wood balconies? and a door frame.
Here are pics of the overall project!!!

the "stonework" is egg carton material. 
I really do wish I didnt have to make a living or deal with real life and just sit and do this!!! LOL
I honestly forgot how much room it takes to do minis, my little space to work is a disaster!!! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ok I am back!!!!

It has been a very rough road the past couple of years! arthritic thumbs and then some! So I found my way back to this love of miniatures, and hubby seems happy I am having him do copper again! LOL I slowly realized I could still do miniatures, just not super tiny things that require super fine motor skills with thumbs!!
I began by making designs for mini fabric, which I always found there to be a lack of when dressing dolls! And found my way back to fireplaces, and hubby's copper. And then am also working again on my advent calendar, half scale, and will really begin by making doors, and offering some up for sale too!

Financially my life has been close to ruin throughout this time, and my new store (till i can afford to open the celtic juju store again) is Wee Wovens! https://www.etsy.com/shop/WeeWovens You can see listings off to the left of the page here.
Meanwhile I am still milking goats, making cheese, still working on a double wedding ring quilt (hand quilting) for my daughter and son in law who just got married in august!