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Saturday, April 14, 2012

the gourd all but done

one gourd is done but the other I am having troubles with the floor!! running out of time! ahhhhhh but other than the floor it is all done!!! Still feels like there is so much to do before I hit the road on Tuesday. I drive for 2 days to Chicago. for those not familiar with the states, I live in New Mexico. I drive through northern New Mexico, into the top part of Texas, through Texas to Oklahoma and from Oklahoma into Missouri. I drive from one end of Missouri to the other, cross the Mississippi River and into Western Illinois and then on up to Eastern Illinios to Chicago! I normally drive for over 12 hours the first day, stopping in Missouri somewhere for the night :O). I like to drive and this is my quiet time (no kids or animals) for days! Really is my only vacation in the year.

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  1. I hope you have/had a wonderful time! Wishing you a safe journey. Hopefully on your return trip, the car will be filled with lots of new goodies and none of your own personal makings.