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Monday, February 2, 2015

footstools and patiently waiting for mold making supplies!

I have been immersed in ideas but also stuck in real life for too many days, unable to get to things!!!
I have been trying to hole up in my tiny (so tiny it is really really frustrating me! LOL) workspace to get things done! Yesterday I finally finished up several little Alice in Wonderland footstools. I have everything cut out and ready for more chairs too, including new characters.
Unfortunately I am out of cotton fabric for printing and am without a car to get to a store that has it! I have a truck to use to get to the nearest store (14 miles away) but  not real stores (45 miles away along a big freeway).
I am also awaiting mold material in the mail. I  have many ideas for tables, witchy and whimsical, and chair elements!!! cant wait!!
Meanwhile, here are my new pics of characters for chairs, and also a pic of one of my footstools! (in my store right now)
This is the dormouse, the caterpillar complete with hookah, the march hare, and the gryphon....oh and I did a mock turtle, forgot to get him in here!

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