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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Been incapacitated for almost a week due to some freaky back thing!!! excruciating pain when it hits and really tired of taking aspirin etc all day and night...think it is on its way out though! A reminder i cannot just sit for endless hours and then expect to be able to get up and doing physical labor that involves moving things that are heavy!!! not so young anymore!!!
I was working on more Alice chairs, including new characters, and got a couple done (complete with new molds) before my back attacked me!!!! Also did a table from molds which i really liked, listed and then the next day took it down because for some reason the Krylon spray sealer got gummy!!! DAMN!!! Here are some pics of the items. Also, am hoping to get to some witch designed chairs (using molds) when I know I can sit without damage for long!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear you are struggling, hope you feel better soon, bad backs are no fun. I'm actually better working standing at a bar/counter high table if it's something that will take a while, than sitting which seems to make it worse for me, but then I always use to be on my feet at work so I guess it's what you get use to. Hope it's on the mend soon for you.

  2. Thank you Jane!!!! Yeah I am trying to change it up. plans to reconfigure some part of my tiny work space so I can do more standing up. I don't often have back problems but when I do they are big!!!! Also need to find enough floor space to become diligent with yoga!!!! Ah to be rich and be able to go to a chiro! LOL Thank you!!! XXX