This is where I will show new ideas and pieces I am working on, and also where I will share awesome pieces I find along the way!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Tea Chairs

First off, I should admit I am not a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, the story. It is kind of too crazy and confusing for me? LOL But I love the imagery. On the same not I am in love with Beatrix Potter, her life, her story, but really  have only read a couple of her stories. I love HER and her drawings.

So I worked for hours and hours on making designs, creating more color options, and then printing! I love my printer although it is probably bottom of the line (all I could afford LOL). It prints well and yet it also decides it doesnt want to print, and runs the fabric through and says "out of paper" LOL This can happen up to 20 times sometimes. Sigh! I finally gave up last night one sheet from finishing my agenda. I have enough fabrics though (the picture above shows about half the fabrics I have printed. These are all my drawings and designs.

Below is my first prototype. I just used the bad prints (printer was reading black ink) I had to  make sure my chair design would work out. I also decided I didnt like the background design I had made up to go behind characters.

Below is the chair, as I realized it needed more than planned, trim around the various pieces.

Then I realized it really needed something on top of the chair. I sculpted a teapot and tea cups to make a mold to then mold with polymer and paint and adhere.....

Then I realized it still needed something!!!! Now I think I have a design I like!
So below you see the final product,or well one of the final products. I wish I had a fun table to put the chairs with but I made do with what I could come up with. Also wish I had a major Alice in Wonderland tea set to really set it of!!!

These are obviously straight backed chairs that are upholstered. I thought it would be really fun to do 2 different fabric layers on the bottom part of the chair to add a bit of whimsy, more detail, and fun color/pattern depth.