This is where I will show new ideas and pieces I am working on, and also where I will share awesome pieces I find along the way!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New designs for displaying in Chicago

While I like my layout for shows I think maybe it is too earthy and dark? (pic my best friend not me LOL)

so going for white displays. also been thinking how to make the most of every inch, which can get cluttered when I have some larger things like gourd houses! In addition, because I have been making a lot of  littler things that are more affordable I need ways to display them. I had this shelf unit I built years ago to house stamps. It was in 2 pieces and so I connected them, and primed them all white and clean looking.

And then I have a cabin of sorts that I made and have been using for taking pics of things. I took off the roof, painted it all white and It will serve as something of an art studio to display the little art pieces I am  making.