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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sculpting mania begins for Chicago

First of all, yay!!! My ghost Peter sold :o)
Chicago looms just 3 weeks from now, well 3 weeks of work, one day of organizng all my show stuff, a day packing, then 2 days driving!! So my next couple of weeks will be spent sculpting away!!!! although I cannot sit all day or my old body screams with back stiffness/pain...so may work on things like a couple of gourd houses in between where i get to stand and stretch other muscles!! I dont know about other artists/miniaturists but I find i start out sitting up straight and slowly end up in some strange hunched position as i focus in on tiny things!!!
for anyone who has not seen any of my gourd houses or wagons, here is a pic of a groud vineyard house I have that will go to Chicago with me :o)


  1. How exciting, both bits of news! :)

    The count down has begun! :)

  2. yes it has! LOL and in between sculpting I did start 2 gourd houses!!!! with the window open cause it is soooo spring like outside, and then well planted some of the gourd seeds in greenhouse window! LOL