This is where I will show new ideas and pieces I am working on, and also where I will share awesome pieces I find along the way!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ok I am back!!!!

It has been a very rough road the past couple of years! arthritic thumbs and then some! So I found my way back to this love of miniatures, and hubby seems happy I am having him do copper again! LOL I slowly realized I could still do miniatures, just not super tiny things that require super fine motor skills with thumbs!!
I began by making designs for mini fabric, which I always found there to be a lack of when dressing dolls! And found my way back to fireplaces, and hubby's copper. And then am also working again on my advent calendar, half scale, and will really begin by making doors, and offering some up for sale too!

Financially my life has been close to ruin throughout this time, and my new store (till i can afford to open the celtic juju store again) is Wee Wovens! https://www.etsy.com/shop/WeeWovens You can see listings off to the left of the page here.
Meanwhile I am still milking goats, making cheese, still working on a double wedding ring quilt (hand quilting) for my daughter and son in law who just got married in august!


  1. Welcome back to the mini world. Love your new miniature fabrics, brilliant designs. I'll be back after Yule to purchase a few.

  2. Thank you Jane!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!