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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Musings and got a small job!

I am sooo anxious to just spend days on the advent calendar, but yesterday required major living room overhaul (umm cleaning) to prepare for tree. Where I live I can go to the forest service and buy a permit for only $10 and then go into the forest (all around me really, half a mile away is nearest entrance) and cut down a tree. They are generally pinon trees and certainly are not perfect trees but hey who can beat $10! and the fun excursion for kids.

So living room is ready (hope the dogs are!) but first I have a plumbing job to do for someone today before tree hunting (and hopefully tree is found before predicted snow hits today!) Installing a toilet for a friend's neighbor. Yay a bit of money! Hubby is away in Taos with mom and brother so maybe he does well too! Or else the kids are really knowing the beauty of a simple homemade Christmas, which I think is likely a very important lesson anyway! :o)

On another note, I have always, well always being subjective, thought this advent idea would be great to make and sell. Of course the buyer would have to decorate themselves! LOL Then I thought, what about a much smaller and less deep one with just doors, no balconies etc, that open. I have always loved those 3D pictures people do (I have done a couple) with christmas cards. Those would make fun scenes to open up to!!! Here is a picture of one I found online. I think this would fun and while time consuming, not as much as the actual rooms? LOL

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