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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

some items and a second cat

Here is a pic of some new things. I had a little kit for books, not thrilled with papers they gave me to use. Also a dollhouse on  legs. It was a kit with a block of wood and then photos of the dollhouse that you cut out and glue on, kind of cool I think.....remember all halfscale so rather small. Also my huge teddy bear I needlefelted, my first flocked cat that looks like a boston terrier from most angles LOL, and 2 topiary things I got at the dollar store I got for a dollar (for 2). I thought they would look great on one of the porches/balconies in the advent calendar though I may repaint them. 

Then I made another cat, this one even smaller!

And, then moved on to the logistics of how to make a tiny jumping jack paper toy, here is a picture that shows what they are. I have a really cool oneofa santa like polar bear on my Christmas tree and have always loved the idea!

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