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Thursday, December 11, 2014

My advent calendar

I have an advent calendar I imagined and began a couple years ago or more? I think it is wonderful and imagine it will be so awesome when finished! It will hang on the wall and is half inch scale (so it will fit on the wall LOL). It will be hinged on the front (with a clasp to keep closed) so that I can get in and fix things, or the recipient can do so (think it may go to first of my  kids to have grandkids after I enjoy for a while maybe).
Each room will be lit up inside (have never done wiring and it is costly so considering how to use little led light strings). I envisioned, in my perfect imagination, lanterns outside that would be porch lights? hmmmm
So each "day" will have a door that opens out. There will be porch railing too.
So yesterday I finally did a door! I love it!!!! I will attack with a fabric hinge. I also laid down a rough floor, envisioning wood balconies? and a door frame.
Here are pics of the overall project!!!

the "stonework" is egg carton material. 
I really do wish I didnt have to make a living or deal with real life and just sit and do this!!! LOL
I honestly forgot how much room it takes to do minis, my little space to work is a disaster!!! 

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