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Sunday, December 14, 2014

my little Christmas house

I started this house a few years ago and it got worse for not having not much wear! LOL Never truly finished it and what I did do ended up not standing the test of time on the outside. I will play with this today a bit. I thought my global map wallpaper would be a fun addition upstairs. And think I will put lots of presents upstairs as it is one of those small loft areas and not much of a room for a bed or anything. Besides presents would be easier! LOL

It is a Greenleaf kit though I have no idea the name of it....I want to say Buttercup? If you know, please share! LOL
We went into the forest and got a tree yesterday (we pay $10 for a tree permit from the forest service) and then I decorated as much as I could, with my tiny home! So figurd it is Sunday, and it snowed last night so it is a good day to just play with kids, if they want to help (which may not be the case LOL).

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